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motorbike insurance comparison

What is Motorbike Insurance?

Motorbike insurance is a legal requirement in the UK which provides financial protection in the event of an incident. If you own a motorbike and use it on the roads in the UK, you must have motorbike insurance. The level of coverage varies depending on the policy which you have taken out and with which insurer you have chosen.

The only time you are not legally required to have motorbike insurance in the UK is when it has been declared SORN.

If you are caught without motorbike insurance, you can face a minimum fine of £300 and six penalty points on your driving licence.

What Types of Motorcycle Insurance Are Available?

Motorbike insurance is similar to its car equivalent in that there are a few different types of cover to choose from. Each cover offers more protection than the previous. The type of motorbike insurance you select will depend on the level of coverage you require and can afford.

This is the absolute minimum level of cover that you require on the UK roads. It is the least amount of cover you need, but will only offer financial aid should you injure or damage someone else of their property.

An upgrade from third party only; third party, fire and theft offers protection should your motorbike be stolen or if it catches fire. This level of cover still provides the same protection as a third-party only too but will not offer any financial protection towards the cost of your vehicle in the event of an accident.

Being the all-inclusive level of cover, fully comprehensive insurance has the same benefits as third-party, fire and theft, with the added protection of covering your motorbike.

What May Not Be Covered By Motorbike Insurance?

Just like all insurances, there are exclusions which your motorbike insurance policy may not cover. Here are some examples:

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Additional extras available for
Motorcycle Insurance

Like other insurances, motorbike insurance has some optional extras available which you can add onto your policy for additional aid. The best practice is to check with your insurer should you wish to add any additional extras to see what extras are available.

This cover helps cover the cost of a breakdown, whether that is a mechanic coming to you at the roadside or you having to be transported to a garage.

If you’re injured or killed in an accident, personal accident cover will pay out a lump sum to you or someone related to you to cover the costs of recovery or funeral arrangements.

Should your helmet or protective equipment become damaged in the event of an accident this will help to fund replacements.

If your key is lost or stolen key cover will help replace it.

Lowering the Cost of Your Motorbike Insurance

To get low-cost quotes for your motorbike insurance premium quotes you can follow these tips:

What Optional Extras Are Available for Motorcycle Insurance?

When taking out motorbike insurance you’ll have options for extra cover on the journey. These are the options and what extra cover they will provide.

Should you have a breakdown on the road, breakdown coverage will be able to assist you. Depending on the level of coverage that is on offer will affect what can be done and how far the breakdown service will take you.

Should you have an accident and if it goes to court or incurs any legal costs this will cover the costs involved.

If you’re injured or killed in an accident, personal accident cover will pay out a lump sum to you or someone related to you to cover the costs of recovery or funeral arrangements.

Should an accident cause your helmet and road leathers to be damaged this will cover the replacement costs of your clothing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most standard motorbike insurance policies do not cover pillion passengers, however, some insurers may offer additional coverage to provide insurance for pillion passengers. You can select this option on the quote journey, and the additional premium will be clearly displayed. It is important to ensure that both you and your passenger are always adequately covered when riding on two wheels, so it’s worth considering whether this extra cover is right for you before taking out a policy.

Yes, most insurers will allow you to add additional drivers to your policy. However, it’s important to note that the additional driver must be over 18 years of age and have a valid license for the type of motorbike you are insuring. It is also likely that adding an additional driver could impact your premium.

If your motorbike is stolen, or written off as a result of an accident, your insurance company should cover the cost of replacing it. However, it’s important to note that the insurer will only pay out up to the market value of the bike at the time of theft/accident. If your bike is written off or stolen, you should contact your insurer as soon as possible to ensure that you are able to make a claim.

If you are riding your motorbike on public roads, then you must have a minimum of third-party insurance to legally ride. If you are not using the bike on public roads, then it is still advisable to take out an appropriate level of cover in case of any unexpected incidents. Without insurance, you may be liable for considerable costs if you are involved in an accident, or your bike is stolen.

In most cases, motorbike insurance will not cover punctures or other wheel damage. However, some insurers may offer a breakdown and recovery service as an add-on to your policy which would provide cover for flat tires and other wheel damage. It is always worth checking with your insurer to see what kind of additional services are available.

Most motorbike insurance policies will not cover you for riding abroad. However, some insurers may offer the option to add European or worldwide coverage to your policy as an additional service. It is important to make sure that you are covered with a valid and adequate level of insurance when riding abroad.

Some insurers will allow you to transfer a no-claims discount from your car insurance policy to a partner or spouse but this usually comes with specific criteria. A no-claims bonus can only be used on one vehicle at a time, however, so take this into consideration when choosing which vehicle to use it on.

Yes, most insurers will allow you to make modifications to your bike, such as aftermarket exhausts or new wheels. However, it’s important to note that some modifications may affect the cost of your insurance premium and could even invalidate your policy if they are not declared. Therefore, it’s essential that you check with your insurer before making any changes to ensure that you remain covered.

Yes, most insurers will cover the cost of any damages or injuries incurred as a result of an accident with an uninsured driver. However, it is important to note that you may also be liable for some costs associated with the incident, so it’s always worth checking with your insurer beforehand to ensure that you are covered.

Motorbike Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is a course that must be completed by all new motorbike riders before they can legally ride on public roads. The CBT consists of five elements: introduction, preparation, on-site training, practical on-road riding and a short test. Once the CBT is completed, riders will receive a certificate which must be presented when applying for a full license.

Your quotes from insurers typically remain valid for up to 30 days, depending on the insurer. After this period, you will need to re-submit your request and obtain new quotes. You should also keep in mind that insurance policies may change over time so be sure to check with the insurer before purchasing a policy.

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