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What Is Park Home Insurance?

Park home insurance is designed to protect your home away from home.

You can find policies which will cover a range of different events, from fire and theft to accidental damage or flood damage. As a rule of thumb park home generally is a combination of contents and buildings cover.

Similar to other insurances that we offer, there are optional extras that you can add to your policies to increase protection such as accidental damage and home emergency cover.

Do You Need Park Home Insurance?

Park home insurance is not a legally required form of financial protection like car insurance. You may find that the park or site in which you plan to have your park home requires you to have insurance on your property. It is best to check with where you plan to keep your park home for any requirements they may have. As a general rule of thumb, you shouldn’t need to insure the site or base that your park home sits upon. This is usually the responsibility of the park or site owner and usually isn’t needed.

What Does Park Home Insurance Cover?

Park home insurance is very similar to residential home insurance and with such covers the same sort of events. Generally, you’ll find cover for events such as theft and vandalism as well as storm, fire, and flood damage.

Optional extras with park home insurance may include cover for malicious and accidental damage as well as a replacement for locks and even loss of keys. You could even get boiler breakdown cover in certain policies.

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What Common Exclusions Are There for Park Home Insurance?

As with all insurance, there is a list of common exclusions that are usually not covered by policies. You should check your insurance policy documents for a comprehensive and personalised list of exclusions.

Cosmetic damage from everyday wear and tear, or if appliances break due to age aren’t covered under park home insurance.

If your park home is damaged due to an infestation, whether vermin or insects, your insurance policy will not usually cover this.

Should you have your belongings stolen because of a lack of security, such as locked windows, or if your park home suffers damage that was preventable with repairs, such as water damage, then your insurance policy will not help you.

Does Park Home Insurance Cover Your Outbuildings?

Varying from policy to policy, the cover of outbuildings is a bit of a cloudy area. Your policy will set out the conditions and property that is covered, for a definitive answer it is best to ask your insurer directly. Should your insurer cover outbuildings you may find they also cover the contents of said property. The conditions of cover for the outbuildings are often in line with cover on your park home, so for instance, should your outbuilding have an infestation your insurance will not cover any damages.

Is an Empty Park Home Covered Under Insurance?

As with home insurance, if your park home rests without anyone occupying the space for a certain length of time then your insurance could be invalid in the event of a claim. You may need to check your policy wording, but the average policy becomes invalid if you leave the property empty for 30 days of the year.

Does Park Home Insurance Cover the Hire and Reward / Letting of the Property?

Park home insurance has several levels of coverage, but the basic policies are very unlikely to cover any hire and reward activities. Therefore, should you wish to let your park home property and still have financial protection you’ll need to find a policy that covers hire and reward usage of the home.

If you already have an existing policy then you might be able to add this cover by talking with your current insurer directly.

What Information Do I Need to Get an Accurate Quote?

It can seem daunting to find quotes when looking for park home insurance, but our comparison service has made it very easy.

Possibly the hardest question to answer is “How much should you insure your park home for?”. Luckily, similar to home insurance, park home insurance has a blanket insurance meaning that they will cover up to a set amount automatically.

This means that you don’t need to work out the total combined cost of the contents of your park home, but knowing a ballpark figure helps.

Cover values vary but are usually in the range of £250,000 to £600,000 for the buildings cover and between £30,000 and £70,000 for contents cover.

Usually, the level of cover provided as standard is enough to cover most cases, however, should you require a higher grade of financial protection you can talk to your insurer. Higher levels of coverage are typically reflected in the premium costs of the policy.

Lower the Cost of Your Park Home Insurance Quotes

A comparison service makes finding your next insurance easy, but you can lower the prices you get even further by following our steps here:


Improving the security of your park home by using an alarm, window locks and wheel clamps will help to lower the price of your insurance.

Optional Extras

As good as optional extras can be, they add cost. Whilst we don’t advise removing the cover that you need, anything you don’t need will help to bring the cost down.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can secure park home insurance if it serves as your primary residence. Insurance companies typically consider park homes as residential dwellings and provide coverage for buildings, contents, and personal possessions, among other items.

Park homes are designed to be permanent residences and are not intended to be moved regularly or taken abroad. Therefore, unlike caravans, park homes cannot be taken overseas.

If you plan to rent out your park home, you’ll likely need a specific level of cover. The minimum cover usually includes buildings and contents insurance along with third-party liability. It’s advisable to consult with your insurer to understand the necessary coverage when letting out your park home.

Typically, home contents insurance does not extend to the contents of park homes. It’s crucial to consult with your insurer to understand the coverage options available for your park home contents. Some insurers may offer tailored policies covering items like furniture, appliances, and personal belongings within your park home.

While park home insurance is not legally required in the UK, it’s highly recommended for financial protection. Park homeowners should consider securing insurance to safeguard against potential financial losses due to accidental damage, theft, or unexpected events. Without insurance, you could be liable for all costs associated with any damage or loss.

Usually yes, your park home can generally be covered when left unoccupied. However, insurers may require additional security measures to ensure the safety of the property during periods of non-occupancy.

The key difference between the two lies in the nature of the dwelling they cover. Home insurance is for stationary, site-built homes, while park home insurance is for manufactured homes. Each type of dwelling faces unique risks, which is why they generally require different types of insurance coverage.

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