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Do You Need Static Caravan Insurance?

Whilst static home insurance is not a legal requirement, it is a good layer of financial protection should something go wrong.

Some caravan parks might have a policy in which you have to have caravan insurance on your holiday home whilst it is on the site.

When you consider the cost of static caravans, often in the tens of thousands of pounds, it is clear to see why caravan insurance is a good option for financial protection. Replacing such a possession should an accident happen is often seen as a significant investment.

By having financial protection in the form of caravan insurance in place you may not be left to pay the large bill all by yourself. It could cover you for fire and theft as well as accidental damage depending on your policy.

What Is a Static Caravan?

There is a lot of jargon when it comes to caravans so it is fairly easy to understand why you might get confused.

A static caravan is like a home away from home. Static caravans spend the majority of their lives in a holiday or caravan park and are often more affordable than brick-and-mortar buildings.

Static caravans come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes as well as the types of models that are on offer. Typically, however, a static caravan has central heating, it might even have double glazing.

You can generally have free-standing furniture in a static caravan, unlike a touring caravan which needs everything bolted down because of how much it generally moves.

Why Get Static Caravan Cover?

Whilst static caravans aren’t towed or moved as often as tourer caravans they can still be damaged accidentally.

Static home insurance can cover things such as damage from storms, fires, accidental damage, theft as well as potentially including contents insurance.

What Types of Static Caravan Insurance Is Available?

New for Old

Should your caravan be irreparable or if it is stolen new for old cover ensures that you’ll get a new caravan to the same or a similar specification as your old one. If you add personal possession or caravan contents cover the new for old policy can also replace these aspects too.

Market Value

If your caravan is a loss for any reason market value will only cover you for its worth as determined by the insurer. Therefore if your caravan is 15 years old your insurer will pay out the current value of a similar caravan model, age and condition. Finding a replacement caravan for the price given can prove to be difficult, especially with older caravans, therefore it is often seen that market value cover is lower cost than new for old cover.

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What Can Be Covered by
Static Caravan Insurance?

A static caravan insurance policy is easy to find without a comparison service, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you know what you can expect. A static home insurance policy usually covers destruction, damage, or loss due to fire, theft or weather but it varies from cover to cover so it is always worth checking your policy wording.

Your static caravan insurance policy might also cover you for:

Should your caravan become damaged during the stay or when somebody has rented your holiday home your policy may have cover to help repair the damages.

Should your caravan be damaged during a storm or flood your policy may help you with the costs of the repairs.

You may be able to find a caravan policy that includes personal possessions covered whilst inside your caravan.

If there is any legal action taken over your caravan legal protection will cover any costs.

Lowering the Cost of Your Static Caravan Insurance

A comparison service makes finding your next insurance simple, but you can lower the price you get even further by following our steps below:

Use Secure Storage

Storing your static caravan somewhere safe helps to lower quote costs. Also, improve the external security of your holiday home.

Improve Security

Improving the security of your caravan by using an alarm, and window locks will help to lower the cost of your insurance.

Get Club Memberships

You might be part of a caravan or motorhome club and letting our comparison service know could save you some money via a discount.

Optional Extras

As good as optional extras can be, they add cost. Whilst we don’t recommend the removing cover that you need, anything you don’t need will help to bring the cost down.

What Are Common Static Caravan Insurance Exclusions?

With every policy there are exclusions, these will vary from one to another, but these are common exclusions across most policies:
Lack of Security

If your caravan is stolen or damaged due to it being unlocked or not protected it won’t be covered.

Infestation Damage

Whether vermin or insects, insurance does not cover damage from infestation.

Common Wear and Tear

Wear and tear from everyday use will not be covered by caravan insurance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the UK, static caravan insurance is not a legal requirement, but many caravan owners opt to take out a policy for financial protection should anything go wrong. Caravan owners should consider having insurance for their caravan in order to protect them from financial losses due to accidental damage, theft, or other unexpected events. Without insurance, if an accident or theft occurs, you may be responsible for all costs associated with the damage or loss.

No, home contents insurance generally does not cover the contents of static caravans. It is important to check with your insurer to determine what kind of coverage is available for the contents of your static caravan. Some insurers may offer a tailored policy that provides additional coverage for items such as furniture, appliances, and other personal belongings.

Yes, you can get static caravan insurance if you live in it. Living in a static caravan is considered a residential home and can be insured with the appropriate home insurance policy. Insurance companies will generally consider it a residential dwelling and provide coverage for buildings, contents, personal possessions, and other items.

Yes, your static caravan is generally covered if it is left unoccupied. However, the insurer may require you to take additional security measures in order to keep the caravan secure while it is unoccupied.

Yes, you will need a specific level of cover if you plan to let your static caravan out. Although the minimum level of cover required may vary depending on the insurer, it typically includes buildings and contents insurance as well as third-party liability. It is important to check with your insurer for more information about what kind of coverage is necessary when renting your holiday home out.

Touring caravan insurance covers caravans that are used for recreational travel, while static caravan insurance covers caravans that are permanently situated in one place. Touring caravan policies typically provide cover for accidental damage and theft of the vehicle, whereas static caravan policies may also include cover for buildings and contents as well as third-party liability.

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